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Organizing Services

bedroomOrganizing Services

You should love the space you’re in. When your home is organized, you will find yourself more peaceful, motivated, and in control of your time. We will work together to organize your space using systems that best fit your personality and needs.

My services include but are not limited to:

Walk and Talk Consultation 

My consultations consist of a walk-through of your home where I make custom recommendations for getting the spaces organized, as well as provide strategies for maintaing order. These appointments are full of tips, tricks, and hacks to get you moving in the right direction.

  • Walk-through of the spaces where you need help
  • Recommendations that are tailored to your needs and personality
  • Simple strategies for maintenance

Detailed DIY Plan

Personal Organization Plans are perfect for those DIY clients. I conduct an in depth walk-through of the spaces needing attention as we discuss your needs. I then create and deliver to you a customized plan for you to follow through with.

  • Walk through of the spaces where you need help
  • Custom recommendations for each area
  • Detailed plan provided within a few days following our appointment

Hands-On Home Organizing

In these sessions, I will work with you on clearing out, categorizing, and putting new systems into place. In-between our sessions together, you may work on as little or as much as you’d like. At the conclusion of each session, I will take your items for donation and make the drop for you.

  • De-cluttering and sorting
  • Implementing new and effective storage solutions
  • Creating new systems for easy maintenance
  • Designing routines to better manage your family life

Follow-up Coaching

With my coaching services, I act as a sounding board and provide encouragement and feedback as you work through your organization project.

  • In-home demonstration and coaching
  • Support via scheduled phone calls, text messages, and emails
  • Plan of action provided upon request


Do you have a space that not only needs organization, but a “pick-me-up” as well? Together we can make it feel alive again. Redesign goes beyond de-cluttering and organizing a space; it provides a complete overhaul of the space tailored to your personal home aesthetic.

  • Work with what you have or start with new pieces
  • Solutions that fit your style
  • Start to finish space transformation

Long Distance Consulting

Virtual consulting is a great option for those who live outside of my service area. I will provide similar services as I do with my in-home consulting, only we will be connecting via phone and internet.

  • Web-based consulting designed around your schedule
  • Tips and tricks tailored to your space
  • Plan of action provided upon request