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The category Personal Organizer will have my Personal Organizing tips offering information on how to better keep your home organized.

organizing your attic

Organizing Your Attic

by guest blogger Ella Andrews Owning a home with an attic means you will have to take advantage of it as much asView full post »

The Link Between Clutter and Anger

The state of your physical environment affects the state of your mood. Clutter, chaos, and disorder can make us feelView full post »

Special Price for a Special Gift

Something you may or may not know about me as an individual and a business owner is that I love to give. I believe thatView full post »

kitchen organizing overhaul

Kitchen Organizing Overhaul

Considering that the main function of a kitchen is to be the food hub of the home, our kitchens should be filled withView full post »

organized sewing room

Organized Sewing Room

If you enjoy sewing, you will understand that it is a hobby that takes up a lot of space. Between equipment, materials,View full post »

Maximizing Closet Storage

Maximizing Closet Storage

What I’m sharing with you today is a tiny taste of the post I have to share with you next, which is a sewing roomView full post »

Organized Bedroom

I have another AMAZING transformation to share with you this week! I recently had the privilege of working with a View full post »

organizing your closet

Organizing Your Closet

I am super excited to be given permission to share a client’s closet with you! As you can see from the pictureView full post »

Organizing for Fitness – My Second Marathon!

  I spent my Valentine’s Day in a very non-traditional way Saturday, I ran a marathon! This was myView full post »

Simple Spaces Offers Home Staging!

I’m pleased to announce that I am now offering home staging as one of my services! The process of selling yourView full post »

Organizing Tips for 2015

As we begin another new year with new resolutions, I’m sure many of you are including getting your home in orderView full post »

Professional Organizer Wilmington NC

Do you want to know what a Professional Organizer can do for your home or office? Check out this video! Melissa GetView full post »

Give the Gift of Organizing

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I had a couple days of being home with our little family and no realView full post »

Master Closet Makeover!

Let’s face it: most of us are not pleased with our closets. Closets are the spaces that get the shaft right fromView full post »

Why You Should Make Your Bed

The infamous bedroom. Let’s face it.  We want a serene getaway in this space in our homes, but many of us feelView full post »