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The Link Between Clutter and Anger

The state of your physical environment affects the state of your mood. Clutter, chaos, and disorder can make us feelView full post »

kitchen organizing overhaul

Kitchen Organizing Overhaul

Considering that the main function of a kitchen is to be the food hub of the home, our kitchens should be filled withView full post »

Organizing Outside The Box

I wonder how many reading this have a desk at home that is not being used, other than a piling station for homeless &#View full post »

Simple Spaces Offers Home Staging!

I’m pleased to announce that I am now offering home staging as one of my services! The process of selling yourView full post »

Professional Organizer Wilmington NC

Do you want to know what a Professional Organizer can do for your home or office? Check out this video! Melissa GetView full post »

5 Day Refresh – Day Five

We are onto Day Five of my 5 Day Refresh! I’ve been trying to hit a variety of spots this week. I hope this hasView full post »

5 Day Refresh – Day Two

We are on Day Two of the 5 Day Refresh, and I’m thrilled to get to some spots in my own home that have beenView full post »

Conquering Mail Clutter

Don’t let mail take over  your kitchen,  just don’t. I promise I have a strategy that will blow your mindView full post »

Clutter-Free Kitchen Counters

Mail. Paperwork. Combs. Scissors. Empty Vases. Vitamins. Small objects swiped from the baby. Play dough. Jars. BusinessView full post »

Cleaning Strategies, When You Just Don’t Want To

Cleaning. I know there are people out there that actually enjoy this. I’m not one. I LOVE organizing. You will notView full post »

A Reorganized Kitchen

Helping clients work through their spaces is always a privilege and joy for me. And when they allow me to share picturesView full post »

Simplify Your Spice Cabinet

There tons of great ideas out there for spice storage, and if you really want to spruce things up in the kitchen IView full post »

Clean As You Go

There was once this period of time in my life where I could devote a solid 3+ hours of uninterrupted time to cleaning myView full post »

Simple Kitchen Organization

Kitchens are at the top of the list for the most used spaces in the home. With a family of 5, I spend about 60-75% ofView full post »

Organizing for Kefir Brewing Success

Organizing comes in all shapes and forms, and as with anything in your home: the better the flow, the more efficient youView full post »