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Garage Organizing Testimonial

Have you ever considered giving organizing as a gift? Or, have you ever WISHED someone would give you such a gift?

I was recently contacted by someone who wanted to gift her husband with garage organization for Christmas. The best part is this: She wanted to work on the project while he was away on business and surprise him with it. We consulted over email, she gathered the supplies, and once he left for his trip I went over and we got it done!

The video below is a short testimonial of her satisfaction with the process and result, complete with pictures!


Get Organized. Simply Live.

Home Decor That Doubles As Storage

Should you choose fashion or function? Or is there maybe a way to have BOTH in one single piece of furniture?! Coming up with storage solutions for your home will require creativity and thinking outside the box. In this video, I share an example from my own home of how I have chosen furniture for my entryway that not only adds to the beauty of my home, but also provides a functional space for guests as well as storage for my family. I like to call it home decor that doubles as storage.


Get Organized. Simply Live.

Basement Organizing Guidelines and Tips

by guest blogger, Ella Andrews

Getting a basement well organized will take a lot of work, but will be well worth your investment. Once you are finished, you will need to give attention to daily maintenance, as it will take effort to keep the place as organized as you made it. This takes dedication and work you need to be ready for, as the following examples will point out:

Clear It Out   Clearing out the clutter before you move on will be a good first step. Begin by working on sorting your possessions and figuring out what to do with them. Some items will need to be kept at the end of each day and others will need to be either sold or donated as you see fit.

basement organizing

Check For Moisture   Preparing your appliances for what comes ahead should also be a priority of sorts. Basements will often be moister than other locations so you will need to be able to ensure your appliances are not covered in mold. You can work on solving this in the long run by checking the home and whether or not there are any leaking spots that may be the cause of the moisture. You can also add a dehumidifier to your home to make it more bearable in terms of moisture.

Get Help   Enlisting the help of a professional organizer will give you a good start. This will help you clear out the old, as well as know what new things to bring in. You would do well to avoid jumping to the task by you lonesome or else you will soon be swamped in too much things to do as you move forward.

basement organizing

Add Shelving   Working with some shelving units will also be a good solution to your needs. Look for shelving with plastic or wire bottoms. Avoid using wooden ones as the potential for moisture in your basement will always be there.

Utilize Totes   Making use of plastic totes will be a good solution for item storage and to identify their contents whenever you need them. Group the items together as you need them, and see about prioritizing any items you use most often so they can be easy to reach after the organizing job.

Protect Your Furniture   Keep any furniture protected underneath, especially if you really want to store it in the basement as time goes by. Make sure there is space between the wall and the furniture itself to keep it from any potential moisture issues. You would also do well to work on placing the furniture on aluminum pallets or bricks so they can be safe from any dirt or moisture on the floor in case of flooding or worse.

basement organizing

Tend To Your Tools   Keep tools safe in your basement as they will be at risk there. Give them a coating of machine oil to keep them safe from any moisture just in case you have such issues. Hang on to them or keep them on hooks and shelves to keep them safe.

Bio: Ella A. is freelance writer and avid blogger. She is interested in home décor, maintenance, and organizing. She likes to share her experience via helpful tips with readers all over the world. Read more helpful clearance related tips on:

Organizing Tips For Winter

by guest blogger, Ella Andrews

Watch out! The cold winter is indeed on its way. Very soon you will have to get the warm sheets and heavy blankets out because the temperatures will be falling just as fast as your tolerance for cold days. You should focus on organizing your home so as to achieve the best result when that bitter cold comes and starts assaulting your tender warmth-loving body. So roll up your sleeves and get ready for a round of organizing. To help you, here are some simple winter organizing tips which you can use.

organizing tips for winterLinens and Blankets. As mentioned, time to take out the warm sheets and heavy blankets. Your beds will need a lot of fluff to keep you warm and happy during the day.

Warm Your Floors. If you have bare floors, you should consider investing in rugs. Bare floors – especially tile floors – are incredibly hard to warm up, and the moment you leave the room without heating, they will cool. Walking over them will be like walking over ice cubes.

organizing tips for winter

Rug Recommendations. If you are getting a carpet, get a woolly one. They are nice, warm, soft. If you maintain them properly, you can definitely spend some relaxing time on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Stay Safe With Heaters. De-clutter the house a bit. If  you are a person that tends to keep your HVAC very low in the winter and use space heaters in different parts of the house, remember to keep it safe.  All the extra clutter in your home is basically potential fire hazard. So clear out as many items as you can.

Incorporate Cushions and pillows. You will learn to love pillows. They will provide you with warm comfort while on the sofa or in the armchair. Consider adding floor cushions to the mix too.

Deck the furniture with blankets. You can put a blanket over the sofa’s upholstery. This way you will both make it warmer, and you can always enjoy a midday nap with something to cover yourself with at hand.

organizing tips for winterKeep it simple, keep it warm. Get the house equipped for winter with a pleasant and cozy environment, and go through de-cluttering to get rid of all potential fire hazards. Now your home is ready to both face the winter, and provide you with a comfortable and warm space as you spend time with those you love.

Ella A. is freelance writer and avid blogger. She is interested in home décor, maintenance, and organizing. She likes to share her experience via helpful tips with readers all over the world. Read more helpful clearance related tips on: