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Organizing Tips For Winter

by guest blogger, Ella Andrews

Watch out! The cold winter is indeed on its way. Very soon you will have to get the warm sheets and heavy blankets out because the temperatures will be falling just as fast as your tolerance for cold days. You should focus on organizing your home so as to achieve the best result when that bitter cold comes and starts assaulting your tender warmth-loving body. So roll up your sleeves and get ready for a round of organizing. To help you, here are some simple winter organizing tips which you can use.

organizing tips for winterLinens and Blankets. As mentioned, time to take out the warm sheets and heavy blankets. Your beds will need a lot of fluff to keep you warm and happy during the day.

Warm Your Floors. If you have bare floors, you should consider investing in rugs. Bare floors – especially tile floors – are incredibly hard to warm up, and the moment you leave the room without heating, they will cool. Walking over them will be like walking over ice cubes.

organizing tips for winter

Rug Recommendations. If you are getting a carpet, get a woolly one. They are nice, warm, soft. If you maintain them properly, you can definitely spend some relaxing time on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Stay Safe With Heaters. De-clutter the house a bit. If  you are a person that tends to keep your HVAC very low in the winter and use space heaters in different parts of the house, remember to keep it safe.  All the extra clutter in your home is basically potential fire hazard. So clear out as many items as you can.

Incorporate Cushions and pillows. You will learn to love pillows. They will provide you with warm comfort while on the sofa or in the armchair. Consider adding floor cushions to the mix too.

Deck the furniture with blankets. You can put a blanket over the sofa’s upholstery. This way you will both make it warmer, and you can always enjoy a midday nap with something to cover yourself with at hand.

organizing tips for winterKeep it simple, keep it warm. Get the house equipped for winter with a pleasant and cozy environment, and go through de-cluttering to get rid of all potential fire hazards. Now your home is ready to both face the winter, and provide you with a comfortable and warm space as you spend time with those you love.

Ella A. is freelance writer and avid blogger. She is interested in home décor, maintenance, and organizing. She likes to share her experience via helpful tips with readers all over the world. Read more helpful clearance related tips on:

Organizing Your Linen Closet

Organizing linens? Or maybe more?

No matter the age of your home, you likely have a linen closet, or two. Contrary to the name, most of us have a lot more stored here than linens! This is a great space for all purpose storage, and I would to challenge you to look at whether or not you are making the most of yours.


My sheet secret

I am personally not a fan of storing sheets in the linen closet. Here’s why: 2-3 sets of sheets per bed is sufficient. That amount can be stored on the top shelf of the closet, in the bedroom where the bed is actually located. That way, there’s no question as to which sheets fit which bed, and the sheets are in close proximity when its time to change them. It simplifies the process all the way around.

organizing your linen closet


The truth about towels

The linen closet isn’t always the best place to store towels. Unless of course, this is a bathroom linen closet. If your linen closet is located in a hallway, however, I would encourage you to store bath towels in the bathroom. There are many creative ways to store towels that do not take up space in the cabinet. I store towels in my guest bathroom on an old ladder.

organizing your linen closet

Also, try rolling your towels instead of folding if you are storing on a shelf. Tri-fold them and then instead of folding in half, and neatly roll them up. Place in the cabinet or closet with the folded side exposed. This saves space and leaves a clean line too!


Containers are key

When storing loose items in any space (especially a closet), utilizing some type of container will save you not only a headache, but money too! How many times have you bought more toothpaste when you were out, only to find 5 tubes a year later when you’re cleaning out the linen closet? Or something more costly like sunblock or shampoo? Your linen closet is a great place to store bulk toiletries, only make sure you group them into baskets, boxes, or bins, and label. This will secure your chance of finding them when you need them. I use a bin for washcloths in my bathroom linen closet because washcloths are most likely to stay neatly folded.

organizing your linen closet



Don’t forget to label

I already mentioned it, but make sure you label anything stored in a container. If boxes are not labeled, chances are you won’t bother to look inside. We are a culture that likes to move quickly and not waste time. Some of us give up easily if we can’t immediately find what we are looking for. Spend time labeling now so that you will save yourself money later!


Think outside the box

Maybe you don’t have use for storage for any of the above things I’ve mentioned, but you still have a linen closet needing a purpose. Think outside the box. Where is the closet located? Close to which space? Is there anything cluttering that space that can be neatly organized in the closet? I once had a client that had a very small master closet, with no room for shoes. She turned her linen closet, which was in the hallway adjacent to her bedroom, into a shoe closet. It worked for her! Just because its called a “linen” closet, does not refine you to only storing sheets and towels there!

Remember, the more organizing you do behind closed doors, the better organized your open living space will be.

Happy Organizing,


Get Organized. Simply Live.

Melissa helps her clients get organized so that they can experience a greater quality of life, and spend more time doing what they love with the people they love. If you are interested in finding out more about the services she offers, send her a message via her contact form on her website.

Organizing Your Guest Room

Guest Post by Ella Andrews

Houseguests. We all have them. You either set them up on your sofa, or let them use your own bed and you take the sofa. And whoever takes the sofa is a subject of being woken up by whoever goes into the living room. Have you ever thought about organizing a guest room to avoid such occurrences? Even if you don’t have spare rooms, you have other means.

When is the last time you used your attic or your basement? Sure, you stockpile unneeded items there, but what use are they for anyway? Call a professional organizer and get them out.  If you are living fine without them now, you probably won’t need them period. Once you have cleared out the appointed space and the clutter has become a subject of junk disposal, you can start with building the guest room.

organizing your guest room

Start with cleaning the place, of course. You don’t want to offer a dusty, musky, dank place to your guests. You want a nice, cleared, cleaned, and shiny one instead. So after the waste disposal, arm yourself with a duster, a mop, and a vacuum and make the room spotless.

When it comes to décor there are have plenty of options, but you should mostly stick to the basics. Your guestroom should include a bed, an end table, and a night lamp. You can add some decorations so that the room is not completely bare, and maybe some chairs or a single armchair or dresser where your guest can keep his or her clothes or belongings for the duration of his or her stay. Many of the things you took from the attic or basement could probably do the job, at the very least for decorations, so be sure to check everything you take out before you donate.

You could repaint the place to give it a fresh feeling as well – in fact, you should. And don’t encumber the guest with a personal taste of color, make the room as neutral as possible. Simple white or grey colors should do just fine. You can even add a carpet or a rug so that the place feels as comfortable as possible.

organizing your guest room

You don’t have to stick to the Japanese style of decorating, of course. You can bring in more than just the essentials, even if the room will be rarely used and very temporarily occupied. You can add a painting, even a TV if you have an extra one you don’t use. Add a shelf and put some old books there in case the guest likes reading before going to sleep. As a final touch, add a vanity table with a mirror where the guest can get ready in the morning.

With this your guest room will be complete and accommodating to any guest that comes to your house to stay for the night. Offer as much comfort as you would give to yourself, and your guests will be happy enough to stay for as long as you would have them.

Bio: Ella A. is freelance writer and avid blogger. She is interested in home décor, maintenance, and organizing. She likes to share her experience via helpful tips with readers all over the world. Read more helpful clearance related tips on:

Organizing Made Simple

What’s holding you back from getting organized? As I’ve worked with clients the past few years, the most common theme I’ve seen is that they don’t know where to start. Getting started is the hardest part! I think we struggle with this in other areas of life as well.

I believe there are 2 main reasons we don’t know where to start:

1. We are looking for perfection.

2. We are trying to do everything at once.

I have a goal between now and the end of the year to go through every room in the house, deep cleaning and reorganizing. We also have not finished renovating and decorating our house. We’ve lived here for 4 years, so that seems a little odd. But I’ve been going room by room in this, and I want to do it right the first time. So we save money for a space, get it how we want it, and then save for the next one. Our house is around 2600 square feet, and if I try to do things perfect or all at once I will get paralyzed and do nothing.

This is why I resolved to go room by room: deep cleaning, reorganizing, and making a list of what is needed to complete each space. I decided to start on the first floor at the end of my house, and work my way through and then up the stairs to the second floor. I’ve been through the bathroom, my desk, mudroom, kitchen (cabinets and all), pantry, and today I did the living room. Cleaning walls, cabinets, furniture, everything! The organizing is not taking long, as I am pleased to say that the rooms I’ve been through so far have a very good system in place. The walls however…. well you can just imagine with 3 boys.

For the cleaning part (walls, doors, door frames, baseboards, cabinets, etc.) I used a bucket of warm water with white vinegar. 1 part white vinegar, 3 parts water. It works! I will spare you a picture of what the water looks like after cleaning 1 wall.

organizing made simple


Our living room took a little longer than I planned, but I wanted it done right so I didn’t cut any corners. I even pulled all the furniture away from the walls to get those awful dust bunnies. And wow I forget how much dust electronics cords collect!

Organizing Made Simple

Organzing Made Simple


You may have heard me say before, “I love organizing. I do not love cleaning.” Therefore, my house is well-organized, but the floors get swept and bathrooms cleaned a lot less than they should be! I decided it was time to suck it up and do some deep cleaning. The dirty handprints all over the downstairs walls were a really good motivator!

If you want to get organized and don’t know where to start, you need to first lay down your desire for perfection. It is not going to happen.

Secondly, break your project into small, achievable goals. One space at a time. One corner of a room at a time. One cabinet at a time.

This week, I had 3 hours to devote to my goal. I may have more next week, or I may have less. I just take and use what I can get!

Keep it simple,


Get Organized. Simply Live.