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Space Makeover Giveaway

This past Christmas, I decided to start a new business tradition. An annual giveaway of my organizing services to transform a space for a deserving recipient.

I generated a post on Facebook asking for users to submit a nomination for themselves or someone else. I simply asked for the space the nominee needed help with, and information on the nominee/situation. I brought the nominees to my team, and together we selected the winner- a single working mother of 12 month old twins.

She had been dreaming of turning her garage into a playroom for the twins, and a crafting space/home storage for herself. The garage had an existing HVAC, so it could be usable without any mega renovations. It just needed to be safe and spacious for her twins to play while she could supervise close by. I had her submit some current pictures and information to me, and we started scheming!

This is what the space looked like before we started.

This mama rolled up her sleeves and got to work right away. Before I met with her, she had already begun purging and laying down carpet tiles on her day off.

We decided in zoning off the room that we would use the existing shelves along the back wall for storage, and set up her crafting/personal space in this section as well. The playroom would be the other 2/3rds of the garage. the zones would be separated by a baby gate.

Another progress picture after my client’s initial purge.

With the carpet tiles in, organizing materials ready, and all the big stuff purged, we set out for a long morning of transformation fun! You can see the results below.

This is the workspace/storage upon completion. The client still has plans of a long curtain to cover the shelves in the back, and there are a few things yet to be done (like an extra door waiting on installation) but everything is organized and easy to find!
We used these existing shelves for storage and kitchen overflow.
The freestanding shelf is perfect for storage for outdoor items, tools, and paint supplies.
We were able to hang those bulky but necessary cleaning items on the wall, right outside the kitchen door.
We maximized storage in her existing work table.
And on the “other side of the fence,” the playroom!

This family is LOVING the space. It was a joy to work with this hard-working mama to start her new year off turning an idea into a reality. An idea that is enhancing her life tremendously. I’m excited about the new clients I’ve started with in 2019 and those yet to come as I assist in helping them get organized so they can simply live.

Thanks for reading,

Melissa :)

Home Staging Enhances

I wanted to share photos from my latest staging job to show just how much staging a vacant property can make a difference.

The home has been vacant for the majority of the time it’s been on the market, and buyers have just been unable to visualize living in the space. Homes with open floor plans are extremely popular, however the openness can sometimes make it difficult to define each space. I also find that living rooms can look bleak and sometimes smaller than they actually are without furniture! You can see the difference here:

Built-ins are an AMAZING feature that we all want! When they are empty, they add to the positives. But when they are decorated- they cause us to DREAM and CONNECT!!!!

A few things in the kitchen bring attention to those gorgeous long granite countertops!

The master bedroom plays a huge role in decision-making. I chose what would tie in with existing paint and window treatments, and am pleased with the result!

This master bedroom boasts of built-ins as well! What an excellent feature!

There is no doubt that the art of home staging enhances all the incredible and unique features a home has to offer. These are only a few key spaces. This home is spacious with so much to offer! You can view this property by contacting Andy Richardson with RE/MAX Essential.

Laundry Room Makeover

As a family of five, our laundry room is one of the most used rooms in our home! When we moved into our home seven years ago, I appreciated the space in this room. There was a free-standing cabinet and shelving to work with. And the closet was a super bonus!

As we have slowly renovated our home over the course of time, the laundry room was one of the last on the list of priorities. Yes, I wanted it to look pretty since I have to look at it A LOT. But also, the functionality needed improvement. As you can see below, it was a clutter zone:


Notice that the cabinet has supplies on top and not underneath where there was plenty of room? Well that’s because I couldn’t fully open the cabinet due to the sorter sitting in front of it. Sometimes the sorter was moved down when the drying rack was put away and ironing board lifted with closet closed. But most days, it looked like this!

Before cabinet

The makeover was not difficult or costly. I just did a few things that made a HUGE difference. First, I painted. I opted for my current favorite gray (that has since become the color in all the common areas of my home – Horizon by Benjamin Moore. We also decided to remove the shelf on the back wall. It was unnecessary as we preferred to place clothes on the drying rack instead of hanging them.

Something we added to the room are these nifty wall racks. My husband and I are both very active and exercise every morning. Well it’s no secret that exercising produces sweaty clothing.  If said clothing is not going to be washed right away, it needs to dry before throwing into a hamper. We used to run out of space in our bathroom (hanging items over door knobs and wherever we could find a place). Plus, well the bathroom always looked like a drop zone too! Enter, sweat racks. Clothing that is wet and dirty goes here. This especially come in handy in the summer with the kids wet bathing suits (well any time of year with kids as they always find a way to get muddy it seems.


Lastly, I moved things around. I switched the placement of the cabinet and the laundry sorter, which made me wonder why I haven’t thought of that before! End result? Here you go!


The laundry sorter stays tucked beside the cabinet, and is positioned right behind the washing machine to make for superior functionality.
The drying rack stays out until clean clothing is dry, and then goes away in closet. Side note- I  have neglected to paint the almond color door and trim. I’m deeply dreading it as it is oil-based paint!

Ironing board comes down when in use, and goes back up after.


For fun! I created this little jar. This is where I put the money I find in pockets. After 6 months, this is all I’ve collected. The guys either don’t carry cash or they are good at checking their pockets. Recently someone put a $1 in there just for kicks.

This is working! The motivation is there for me and the entire family to maintain this space for 2 reasons:

1- The functionality is ideal.

2- It has been painted and decorated, and makes me smile. Do not underestimate the power of making a space your own.

I hope you feel inspired to tackle one of your spaces! What’s on your list for 2019?


Garage Organizing Simplified

If you have a garage, chances are it’s on your list of new year’s resolutions right next to the word: ORGANIZE. Have you started yet?

Garages are a hub for storing items related to many activities, not to mention because they aren’t in our living space we just throw stuff in them. They can easily turn into a catch-all.

This makes them a beast of a space to get organized. Garages are a space I frequent with clients because they are so overwhelming. Here are some simple steps to follow as you tackle the beast!

Pull everything out.  Move your cars out of the driveway and divide it into a grid. Separate all the items into like categories.

garage organizing


Purge.  Find a duplicate? Tag for donation. Broken? Throw it out. Haven’t touched it in 5 years since the last time you organized the garage? Say goodbye.

Create zones.  Look at the categories you’ve created. Think about how each item is used, and when. Does it need to go close to the door? On a shelf? Do you need to purchase shelves and storage totes?

Use the walls.  I see a lot of houses. And I’ve found that most people do not park their cars in the garage. That is okay (we currently do not either), but it still makes a garage feel less cluttered if you utilize the wall space to hang and shelve whatever you can.

garage organizing


Return items to their new home.  You can use this time as a second purge. Think hard about what you’re storing before you give it prime garage space. Think of all your spaces as a valuable commodity, and be selective about what goes in them.

garage organizinggarage organizing


I hope these simple tips serve to get you on the right track towards an organized garage!

And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just organized :)

Happy Organizing!


Get Organized. Simply Live.

Start Fresh

Who needs a fresh start?

Don’t we all?! Isn’t this the motivation behind New Years Resolutions?

I know many of you have already started tearing apart your homes with the declutter bug. I’m in the process of doing this in my own home. And my schedule for organizing clients is filling up quickly! This is a great time to purge and reorganize, as the “wave” that I always talk about is here and ready to jump on.

kid clutter

Here’s a fraction of the “kid clutter” I encountered over winter break in my own home. I couldn’t figure out what 85% of the stuff was.


I have three simple tips for you as you dive into 2017 with motivation to conquer your clutter:

  1. Start Small

    The temptation is to attempt to do everything at once. I’m feeling it myself in my own home! But this is the #1 reason while people jump ship and give up on resolutions. Trying to do too much too fast will give you the opposite of what you’re looking for. Pick one closet, cabinet, dresser… and start there.

  2. Don’t second guess yourself

    This is the time of year when motivation to purge is high. If you’ve decided to say goodbye to something – DO IT! Don’t think twice. The vast majority of us have a very hard time letting go of things we don’t even need. So if your gut tells you to clear it out, go with it!

  3. Do it your way.

    Books are great. Blogs are great. Looking at your friend’s projects in your Facebook feed is great. BUT REMEMBER – organizing is not cookie cutter. You can’t take what someone else does and expect it to work perfectly for you. We all have different personalities, situations, and needs. Find strategies that work specifically for you, and be the best organized version of yourself that you can be!

Wishing you a year filled with joy and peace in your spaces, that translates into joy and peace inside of YOU!


Get Organized. Simply Live.